Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Some time ago I wrote I was finding it hard to stay motivated, politically speaking, and to continue writing about political stuff. This feeling is beyond maintaining motivation, it feels more like burnout. (I’ll resist the temptation to digress…suffice to say I know all about burnout.) It seems I’m not alone. Yesterday there were more than a few articles written on the Right side of the blogosphere on this subject. There are three posts that I think are worth the read; each post has links to a lot more in the same vein. See The Anchoress, Neo, and ShrinkWrapped.

I found The Anchoress’ post particularly compelling. She began with an announcement that she is going off politics for the summer, and then wrote extensively on the issues confronting conservatives, particularly those conservatives who are abandoning Dubya, primarily over the immigration flap. Good stuff.

Which, of course, brings us to Dubya’s immigration speech last evening. I thought it was pretty good. The pundits were predicting he would stake out the middle ground, and that’s pretty much what he did, to the chagrin and outright ire of The Usual Suspects. Politics is the art of compromise, and I think the President has laid a workable compromise on the table. Still, there are those that won’t be satisfied with anything less than deporting 11 million illegals, sending landscape contractors in Southern California to prison for umpteen years, and so on, ad nauseum. Yeah, that’ll work. Can you say “Civil War?” Sure you can…

Hockey withdrawal. No games last night, and none tonight. EdmontonSan Jose is the only semi-final series still being played, and they won’t go at it again until tomorrow night. Edmonton is up in this series 3-2, to my surprise. On the other hand, it won’t surprise me to see the Oilers take this series, given the way the Sharks aren’t playing. There’s great disappointment in San Jose; joy in Edmonton. Ottawa, the Number One seed in the East, went down in a great game Sunday evening, losing to Buffalo in overtime (the third overtime game in that series), and on a short-handed goal, to boot. Poor Ottawa, they’re looking like the perennial bridesmaid of hockey. New Jersey is out, too. I’m glad I didn’t put any money where my mouth was on the CarolinaNew Jersey series. I'd be a bit poorer.

I found myself at serious loose ends last evening…the downside of having all this hockey — two games per day for the last couple of weeks — is I get very let down when the lull comes. Whatever will I do when The Cup Run Is Over? badda-da boomp! Thanks, folks, and I’ll be here all week…

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