Saturday, April 29, 2006


Like your humor on the droll side? While Cheston isn’t Gary Larson (he of “The Far Side” fame), he’s quite good! Hundreds more like the one above, here! (h/t: Rodger)
The title of this post has nothing to do with comics. Today’s hockey game was a major disappointment for Wings fans. Detroit lost game five, 3-2, and goes down in the series by the same numbers. Detroit must now win the next two games in a row to survive in the play-offs. History has not been kind to Game Five losers; in past play-offs, 80% of the teams that win Game Five go on to win the series. Detroit didn’t deserve to win today. Edmonton simply out-played them, in almost every aspect. There were few, if any bright spots. Woe, indeed.
So. What does a depressed hockey fan do when his team takes a major header? What any truly depressed person does: he goes to sleep. I thought I might have been too keyed up and too angry to fall asleep directly after the game. Wrong. I was asleep within three minutes after SN1 and I got off the phone. And by the way: SN1’s not a Happy Camper, either.
Mandatory weather comments…I slept rather late this morning, lulled in and out of sleep by the sounds of gentle rain on my roof. The sounds of “gentle rain on the roof” are a lot better than the cacophony caused by a hailstorm, which I experienced yesterday. The roof on an RV is only about three inches thick, and the ceiling is only slightly further than six feet from the floor. Consequently, the sounds of anything impacting the roof are immediate in nature and loud. Hard rain creates quite a racket, and the sound of hail hitting the roof is so loud as to be nearly indescribable. I sat by the window yesterday afternoon watching curtains of hail progress in size from about pea-sized to grape-sized, all the while praying it didn’t get any larger. Fortunately, “grape” was as far as it went. That was far enough, thank you. Hail we didn’t need, rain we did. And we got quite a bit of rain, actually. That’s a good thing.

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