Tuesday, March 21, 2006

With Friends Like These…

I always find these sorts of blog posts interesting. You’re probably aware that there were numerous anti-war protests scheduled for yesterday’s third anniversary of the Iraq war. I’m gratified to report the protests were largely a bust; attendance was abysmally low in all cases. “Low,” of course, is a relative term. In this case I use “low” as measured against the turn-out for anti-war protests held on past anniversaries. At any rate, Michelle Malkin has photos from the Washington, D.C. protest and links to folks that attended protests held in other cities.

Zombie in San Francisco deserves special mention as there are MANY excellent photos from the SFO demonstration; I cribbed the picture of this Code Pink Moonbat woman from Zombie. Do go look. Doesn’t this just make you wonder what the HELL is wrong with these people? I just shook my head slowly from side to side as I looked at these photos, remembering exactly why I left SFO.

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