Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sunday Wrap-Up

Well, now. Today was certainly wasted, hockey game excluded. I fear I’ve succeeded in screwing up my circadian rhythms for good this time. I opted to stay up all night to ensure I wouldn’t miss a single minute of the Gold Medal game, which was scheduled to begin at 0600 this morning, Mountain Time. There was a slight delay in the start of the game on my local NBC affiliate, but I kept my cool (this time). In the mean time, I made the coffee and settled in to watch what I’ve already told you was a great game. I paid a price for drinking that pot of coffee during the game. I put the post below up around 1030 or so and stayed awake until noon. Sleep doesn’t come easy for me in the middle of the day. I slept fitfully until about 1600 or so, got up, cleaned up a bit, and went out for a short while. Made dinner and took a “nap.” And here we are: nearly midnite and I’m wide-awake.

I called The Captain near the end of the second period of the game to see if he was watching. He told me it was over and he was, in fact, watching the medal ceremony as we spoke. I blurted out “Don’t tell me! Don’t tell me!” and he laughed. Turns out he missed the game, opting instead to go for a three-mile run. SOS is already having an impact on his life. Good or bad? Run or hockey? You decide!

So. Today’s major accomplishments, other than hockey? Took out the trash. Made a quick run to the store. Checked the mail. Received and hung my new Service Flag. Pics of the flag as displayed may follow; but first I have to wash El Casa Móvil de Pennington before putting her on public display. Don’t hold your breath.

Tomorrow it’s laundry, really and truly. Assuming I’m not up all night and asleep all day. Big assumption.

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