Saturday, February 18, 2006

Mission Accomplished

Prolly shouldn’t do this…but…I will. It’s never a good idea to post when you’re…uh…intoxicated. Nonetheless: Mission accomplished. A great night out, all told. The Captain bought dinner after we ran a few errands he had to run in Clovis (concerning a malfunctioning car stereo power amp, fixed). Dinner was a low-level, but good, affair at Chili’s in Clovis. Our entrees were too salty by half, but dessert was awesome: a chocolate cake concoction topped with vanilla ice cream, which, in turn, was topped with chocolate syrup. Oh my. SO good.
We proceeded to the Portales VFW after dinner for a few beers and a lot of pool...eight ball, to be precise. Nine-ball is a hustler’s game, eight ball is between friends. Eight-ball—call your shot, no slop—to be precise, once again. We DO have some rules. I won the first four games, but then the tables turned. Buck won the next few, and then we alternated. When the night was finally over I think we were about even, but who’s counting, really? Not I. All that really counts is we had a great time. It’s hard to beat the VFW for friendly folks and good times.
We had to ford a couple of streams on the way home from the VFW. It looks like Portales has had a serious, and I mean SERIOUS, water event, as in a water main break of catastrophic proportions. When I say we had to ford streams, that's exactly what I mean. The streets between my RV park and downtown are completely flooded, big time. Flooded to the extent that the water is a foot deep. And I have no water in the RV as I write. One hopes the issue will be resolved by the (later) morning, otherwise I'll have to go out and buy bottled water to make coffee. [sigh] It's always something.

And so to bed.

Update 2/18/2006 0920 hours: Still no water. Just got back from a run to the convenience store to buy bottled water. They were sold out of gallon jugs of water, so I paid $1.00 per liter bottle to buy water to flush the damned toilet (and make coffee). Lots of activity downtown, with all sorts of City employees and pick-ups running all over the place. And there's frickin' water everywhere (except coming from my faucets). It's 12 degrees outside, with a wind chill of three. Not a nice day to be working on a water main break.


  1. Not a bad post for being intoxicated. Nothing embarrassing told, and no typos. I'd hunt with you after a beer at lunch ;) The water thing... not good. You might consider filling a few empty pop bottles with water and have it stored somewhere so you can at least make coffee and brush teeth with in an emergency. I'm told the material the pop bottles are made of don't deteriorate like milk jugs so they are better for storing water. (Yes, I'm from Western NY and I call it pop, not soda)

  2. I call it pop, too, Laurie. By rights, seeing as how I was born in Georgia, I should call it "coke." My grandmother, God Rest, used to say to me "Bucky, you all want a co-cola?" Didn't matter if it was root beer, 7-Up or Coca-Cola, it was ALL "coke." Or, as she said: "co-cola." long as we're talking about pop... Years ago I did a biz trip to NJ by way of NYC. I had a rental car with NY plates and stopped in Jersey to fill it before going back to the airport. I get out of the car and begin gassing the thing up, only to be accosted by some air-headed teen-aged girl who demanded "Just what the Hell do you think you're doing?" "Uh, filling my car?" sez I. She points to a sign indicating there's a NJ law that prohibits self-serve gas dispensing and yanks the pump handle out of my hand. She's the attendant, obviously. So, suitably chastised, I walk towards the station and call out to her "Hey, where's your pop machine?" She answers: "You New Yawk perverts may sell dope out of machines, but WE don't!" It took a minute for that to compute, but after regaining my composure, I rephrased the question to "soda."

    True story.


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