Saturday, December 10, 2005

Knickers in a Twist

{Sigh} I feel like I've wasted my morning. I began my day by reading "Lieberman's Iraq Stance Brings Widening Split With His Party." A quote:

"Senator Reid has a lot of respect for Senator Lieberman," said Jim Manley, a Reid spokesman. "But he feels that Senator Lieberman's position on Iraq is at odds with many Americans."
Yeah, Ol' Joe is out of step with the MoveOn crowd, Code Pink, Cindy Sheehan, Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, John Kerry, and Jack Murtha. Gotta admit that. On the other hand, one is known by the company one keeps. Or doesn't.

I decided to go slumming and see what The Perpetually Offended thought about Joe. Here are two typical examples:
"At a time when the American people are turning against Bush's war for oil Lieberman is just as out of touch as those with an "R" after their names and even more so than some." (link)

"Just writing about Joe Lieberman makes me feel dirty. If you haven't been paying attention Joe has ratcheted up the administration ass kissing of late." (link)
Then I went and read a few diaries over at dKos (no link. I refuse. You know how to get there.) And it was all downhill from there.

No, wait. It wasn't all downhill. I did find this, written by an independent who is often critical of Bush:
And now, some in the party, incredibly including the Senate Minority Leader are making it inhospitable for their former Vice Presidential standard bearer, Joe Lieberman. Here's some news for them - they are not only telling Joe that the Democratic Party does not have room for his views, they are also communicating to millions of Americans who might support this war or not, but find defeat unacceptable, that they are not welcome in this exclusive political club. There are some progressive hawks in this country, but it is unlikely that they will pull the Democratic lever with the message that it is being sent by the leaders of the party.
Exactly. Or at least one hopes this is the case. It's hard to tell when the polls seem to indicate the public buys into the Dem's emerging anti-war policy. I know I wouldn't trust the defense of America to the party that essentially advocates surrender. Would you?

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  1. Right on. Funny how these liberal Dems keep thinking they lose elections because Americans just don't UNDERSTAND them. They think they need to torch to Lieberman to clean up their message. The truth is, they lose because Americans DO understand them. They're the party of Michael Moore, Howard Dean, and Whoopie Goldberg. It's not subtle. They're the party of disaffected, disillusioned, dysfunctional, malcontents. Perhaps if they'd drop some progressive idealism (which you'd have to suspect they think about imposing on the country by violence and revolution by now, given that the majority keeps rejecting their enlightened progressive policies at the polls) and embraced some compromise, political civility, and intellectual tolerance, they'd have a better go.


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