Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday: A Different Football Post

She's pretty damned good at what she does.  Yes, she.

From the "about" section at The Tube O' You:
Sam Gordon is the smallest player in her tackle football league . . . and she's a girl. But that doesn't stop Sam from fearlessly running down the football field, dodging boys left and right all the way to the end zone for a touch down!

Sam scored 15 touch downs and had 13 Yards per carry as a running back. Sam also did well on defense, registering 59 tackles, 3 interceptions, and a fumble recovery during her 2014 football season!
Impressive.  Pretty cute, too.


  1. I think women should be soft and pretty, but I'm old fashioned... Nothing good can come from football...

  2. @ Anon: We'll agree to disagree. I think a LOT of good things come from football... confidence, poise, social skills, team work, and so on.

    @ Curt: Indeed!

    1. The only real sport for women is Basketball. Football is a scheme to rip-off taxpayers by building a concrete stadium every 4 miles.
      I can appreciate the violence, but there are other/better ways to build teamwork. The only social skill to come out of football is bullying and rape. It's a sport designed for people who weren't properly potty trained.

    2. P.S. The other team had no defense, and the girl could have walked to the goal...

    3. What? You don't like football, Anon? ;-)

  3. One of the best natural broken-field runners I've EVER seen at ANY level..sees the field extraordinarily well and her cuts are prenaturally anticipatorily. A born natural..


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