Friday, November 28, 2014

It's Here, For Better Or Worse

But mostly worse: this morning my inbox was filled with e-mails shouting BLACK FRIDAY DEALS!  Everyone from the GOP ("George H. W. Bush socks!") to Grassfire ("40% Off On Grassfire Christmas Gifts for all members") to Cigar dot com ("Box Bedlam") to HP ("Up to 50% off!") to... well, you get the idea.  Everyone wants my money, and yours, too.

That said, here's a rather unique Christmas gift ideer: a "Fuck you Anderson Cooper" tee shirt.  Really.  Like this:

And here's what it's all about:
Last month, Anderson Cooper dedicated a segment of his show "Anderson Cooper 360" to mocking the Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan for posing with cats on the cover of PAWS Chicago Magazine (the magazine for the no-kill animal shelter PAWS Chicago). Corgan initially came back with a pair of angry tweets, but since this is a musician beef in 2014, it's not official until someone responds by making a T-shirt about it.
That's from an article at Pitchfork, where you can see the Cooper segment on CNN that prompted the shirt.  It's actually a nice looking shirt, if you're into cats.

In other news... Ma Nature is giving those of us living on The High Plains o' New Mexico an early Christmas gift.

Isn't THAT nice!?!


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I deleted your comment, Anon, for the simple reason you used a word I don't allow used in my presence. I'm all about free speech EXCEPT for incendiary epithets.

    2. Understood, It started out as a baseball cap word, and turned into a rant, but I'm four cups down now and the meds are coming into play now...

    3. Thanks for understanding. I value your input and your comments are always interesting. Even the polkas. ;-)

  2. P.S. Here's something to replace your Taylor Swift playlist during the Whiskey Hour (tm) :

    She looks like she's 15, and also plays a mean Bass guitar in other videos (well for Polka anyway, ha)... My feet can't stop dancing with a good communist song...

  3. Buck, don't know how you get your Red Wings games, but about a week ago, a Fox Sports Detroit guy (John Keating) made a hilarious comment referencing Anderson Cooper while describing a game. It was along the lines of..."the checking in the first period was tighter than Anderson Cooper's tee shirt." Chris Osgood and Darren Elliot (Red Wing analysts) about choked trying to restrain their laughter.

    1. don't know how you get your Red Wings games...

      I have the NHL Center Ice package, delivered by Dish satellite. Dish is pretty good, in that I always get the Dee-troit feed (in HD) unless the game is one of those lame-ass NBCSN "Wednesday Night Rivalry" games or the like. I dunno how I missed that remark, but I did. Prolly coz I use the between-period time to answer Nature's call, refresh my drink, and the like. Then again, if Keating made that remark in the post game show I wouldn't have seen it. Dish gives me the game, and that's IT. That said... his remark IS funny! Thanks for that!

      Apropos o' not much... look over Elliot's left shoulder (the right, on the screen) the next time they're in the studio. You see that lil blue ball thingie on top of the building? That's an EDS logo... my old company. It's also an old, old picture of the skyline, coz EDS became HP Services about five or six years ago. They... EDS... no longer exist.


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