Saturday, November 15, 2014

It's Our Blogoversary...

... and here we are, entering our tenth year of disseminating drivel to an uninterested world.  Our first posts:

So far: 6,379 posts, 726,193 page views (according to Blogger), and 45,951 comments; a lot of those comments are mine in response to what other folks had to say.  That said, I never thought I'd keep it up this long.  Srsly.  I'm at the point now where I only hope I can make this thing last a full ten years.

In other news... I don't believe what ol' Ben said about "early to bed," mainly coz I'm neither healthy (well, sorta), nor wealthy, nor wise.  But I AM up early, yet again.


  1. Hell, Buck, if I had only known we could have chatted to our hearts content as I was up at your time local as well (I usually take a short nap around noon, then get up so as not to sleep thru my mid-afternoon nap :) ) I frequently am up around 0300-0500 local whether on West coast or Gulf to paruse the blogosphere--also have to then catch Mika w. all her lefty snarky charms (?) on Morning Joe just to get my blood pressure up so I can move around--sort of like a lizard on a flat rock soaking up the sun. ;) "Know your enemy"

  2. Hey, we lasted this long, we can damn well go to bed and get up when we want... :-)

  3. Replies
    1. Christina: Thank ya, Ma'am.

      Virgil: I'm not too very socialable until I've finished my second cup.

      Old NFO: and I DO.

  4. Love the photo - to ten more years!

  5. Whoa! I missed this yesterday.

    Happy Blogoversary Buck.

    I may have to steal that opening line. (For "steal", read "borrow.")

  6. Anne & Chris: Thank ya both!

  7. Uninterested? Au contraire! And that's a great pic; brings out the blue in your eyes big time. Happy entry into your 10th year!

  8. Hey - Happy Blogiversary! I remember quite clearly the day I came here for the first time and I believe it partway thru your first year. How time flies - especially when you are having fun!

    1. Thank ya, Ma'am. Time does fly, indeed.


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