Friday, November 14, 2014

It's Already Begun, With a Twist

I'm pretty sure I saw the first Christmas shopping ads on my teevee at least a week ago, or longer.  It's getting to the point of ridiculousness if it hasn't already passed that point.  (Minor digression: we're waiting for blog-bud Jim to kick off his annual "Thanksgiving Comes First" campaign; we don't want to jump into the fray before he does.)   That said, this week I noticed a completely new aspect to the usual Black Friday crap.  This:

Americans are exceptional at creating spectacle out of commerce. And yes, the eager-to-normalize marijuana biz is ready to behave (and benefit) like all of the others. At least one pot shop in Colorado will be marking Black Friday with legitimate “door-busting deals” that will bring many a toker to the lines that will inevitably stretch outside its doors on the weekend after Thanksgiving.

But when Denver recreational pot shop The Grass Station opens its doors for Black Friday sales at 8 a.m. Nov. 28-30, what will be their equivalent to Walmart’s dirt-cheap flat-screen TVs?

“It’ll definitely be the $50 ounces,” said Grass Station owner Ryan Fox. “Right now our cheapest ounce is $250, and some of those ounces in the $250-$325 range will be selling for $50 an ounce on that weekend.”

Celebrating Black Friday with loss-leader deals in the hopes of luring more regular customers is Fox’s way of saying that legal marijuana businesses are normal businesses.

There's no word if The Grass Station will advertise on teevee but I don't think they'll really need to do that (if Colorado law even allows pot shops on teevee).  A 50-buck bag in this day and age is advertising enough. 


  1. Funny enough, I can smoke dope any and all the time. I just can't seem to want to! Beer is good enough for me.
    But I am all about legalizing the stuff.
    Barco Actual

    1. Beer works for me, too. And single malts. And good bourbon.

  2. I gave up on drugs after a short stint in the 70's. I probably haven't had any booze for a year now. It wasn't the drugs so much as the people. Druggies mostly suck. Drunks suck. The problem isn't the drugs really. I don't like spending trillions on prisons. The problem is, we have pretty much bred ourselves into mongrels. The genes are too weak now. People are having sex with imbeciles and wondering why their kids suck. We don't need prisons, we need to round these people up in a gunny sack and take them to a lake, or maybe forced sterilization.


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