Tuesday, November 04, 2014


I'm just back from the polling place and it was a walk-up proposition, no waiting at all.  That said, there were about 25 ~ 30 people casting their votes while I was there and two or three more walked in as I was leaving.  All geezers, too, but I suppose all the young'uns are at work and either already voted or will do so after work.

Anyhoo: Mission Accomplished and civic duty fulfilled.

*AAR = After Action Report.  Not everyone knows thatsmiley emoticons


  1. My ballot went into the mailbox last week.
    I started voting by mail in protest to having my polling place moved from walking distance to a ten minute drive (signals, ya know).
    Besides, there's nobody I want to see at the polling place.

    1. I enjoy going to the polling place, mainly coz the old ladies there are always so damned FRIENDLY. I also think this whole "early voting" thing is mainly a scam perpetuated by Democrats to get their lazy-assed constituents to cast a vote or six. Or, in other words, "Harrumph!", said the old codger.

  2. All excited, I walked in, showed them my drivers license, and she said "sorry, you're not registered." Hmm, I registered when I got my drivers license last summer (changed to an Independent). My wife then showed her license, and the lady handed her a ballot. I told her we both registered the same day! Ah well, I only wanted to vote on the homestead exemption for war widows. I went and got a dilly bar at the Dairy Queen to sooth my disappointment...

  3. We went to our local polling place early this morning; we were in line at 6:15am and out the door by 6:25am. Exercised one of the most important rights we have as citizens of this great country - with all hope for a restoration of some sense of reason in government.


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