Wednesday, November 05, 2014

A Good Night

Well, yes.  Or better: YES!

And then there's this:

That's GOP spam I found in my in-box this morning.  MY vote didn't have a gotdamned thing to do with the results, coz my guy, Allen Weh, lost to the Democrat incumbent senator Tom Udall by 55-45 percent.  OTOH, my county (Roosevelt) is deep, deep red.  Note:

NM is generally red, with the exception of a few poor counties and the urban areas of ABQ and Santa Fe, not unlike a lot of other states.  To quote that dumb-ass dating site... "City folks just don't get it."


  1. OT, but go check my reply on the 273 Barracuda. :)

  2. Well, let's see what the second most corrupt political party does with this opportunity. I'm happy Barry and the Boys got their asses handed to them, couldn't have happened to a more deserving bunch of jackasses. But....
    Not sure the Republicans see it that way. I'm VERY cautiously optimistic, whilst slowly stirring the tar and ripping up down pillows.

  3. @ Ed: Yup!

    @ Juvat: I'm cautiously optimistic, as well. The GOP still has a lot of internal issues to work out and it remains to be seen if they can govern... or govern as much as the congress CAN... effectively.


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