Monday, October 13, 2014

If You Thought I Wasn't Gonna Post Today...

... you'd be right. 


  1. For a couple of years I did nothing, and they paid me. The deal was I has a TS, and they needed someone to open and close the vault. So, after a couple $90k+ years, Congress sequestrated (is that a word) me... The HR lady said "we can't figure out what you do??" I told her I'm in charge of the satellite downloads from Area 57! "What's Area 57?" It's classified! "hmmm... I'll get back with you..."

  2. @ Chris: Thank ya, Sir.

    @ Glenn: You, too, Glenn.

    @ Anon: That's a great 'toon! I spent a very small amount of time being "functionally unemployed" in between projects... measured in days or a week or so... during the first half of my civilian career and it damned near killed me. There were no inter-tubes to surf in those days. ;-)

    1. He's got a bunch, and I love the ones with cats. This one tickled me, for some reason, maybe your postings about lack of female noise in the parlor:

    2. Heh. I can relate to that.


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