Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Drop the Puck, Already!

The long hot summer is OVER and we are most happy, indeed.  There are two games on my teevee tonight, neither of which hold any great interest for me except, perhaps, for the Kings' Stanley Cup banner raising ceremony.  I always watch the banner raising... it's a very emotional time.  And sometimes it's TOO gotdamned emotional.  Here's what I said (in part) about the Kings' 2013 ceremony:
So we kicked off the 2012-2013 hockey season this afternoon by watching the El-Eh Kings Stanley Cup Championship banner-raising ceremony.  About which, the title to this post: excess.  I've watched a lot of banner-raising ceremonies in my time but NEVER have I ever seen one as wretched as this one.  First there was the usual, customary, and quite reasonable "tribute to the season" video on the jumbotron, and then things went off the rails.   By that I mean the Kings organization proceeded to introduce everyone on staff... including the equipment managers, bag-toters, trainers (every damned one of 'em), and the coaching staff... which would be akin to introducing the key grip and the caterers at the Oscar ceremony for Best Picture.  At least they didn't introduce the Zamboni drivers and the ice girls, for which I'm thankful, indeed.  Then the announcer introduced the team, which is pretty normal.  But in keeping with El-Eh glitter, Our Man introduced the team... by number... and had them skate out and receive their Stanley Cup rings from the owner's wife.  ALL of 'em, individually.  Then we had the ceremonial arrival of The Cup which is normal, once again, but this time El-Eh proceeded to introduce the team a SECOND time as they passed The Cup from player to player while skating it around the periphery of the arena.  I know people in El-Eh have short attention spans but they couldn't POSSIBLY have forgotten the players' names in that short period of time.

So, the banner was finally raised and the game got under way.  I said a small prayer to The Deity At Hand along the lines of "Please, Dear God... let them LOSE."  And the Deity, she answered my prayers... Chicago 5, El-Eh 2.  Just desserts.
Let's hope the Kings are more restrained this evening.  I don't hold much hope for that, however, coz it IS El-Eh, where too much isn't quite enough.


  1. I found a song to go with your after dinner whiskey. She's a chubby little girl, with a nice voice. Just the way God intended...

    1. Most interesting, Anon. She IS a looker!

  2. LOL, you enjoy that, I'll be at the range!!!

  3. It's LA.
    They can't offer anything but glitz, glitter, and pomp.

    I will be cheering for the Sharks, but I probably won't see the game.
    I can't find their games on my tv ...yet.
    Besides, they aren't from SF.
    I do pay closer attention when they play the Kings, Canucks, and Ducks, though.

    1. Aha!
      Found the game...missed the first period.

    2. I watched the banner raising and two and a half periods of the game, going to bed when yer Sharks were up 4-0 midway through the third. The banner raising was better this year, much better. But they just HAD to do at least one Hollywood thing: the Stanley Cup wasn't carried into the arena by its minders as it usually is, it was LOWERED FROM THE FUCKING RAFTERS. I'll bet it took a lot of wheedling and cajoling with the HHoF to get permission to do that.


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