Friday, August 22, 2014

A Lotta Fail

You have to be living under a big-ass rock if you haven't heard about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Everyone and their Mom seems to be doin' it, but some people prolly shouldn't.  Cases in point:

The best one is at the two minute mark.


  1. Sigh... At least they are trying...

  2. Some of the fails really aren't funny.
    The best challenge I've seen is Charlie Sheen's and I don't really like him.

  3. @ Jim: And badly, too.

    @ Skip: I hear you. I rarely post "fails" from the 'net coz most of 'em involve people getting hurt.

  4. This is stupid and scary.

    Here is a proper way to perform this stunt;

    Barco Sin Vela

  5. They have all performed a valuable service by pointing out the need for more education on the laws of physics in this country.

  6. how clothes work22 August, 2014 19:26

    Someone should tell the girl, all you have to do is pull it back up :-)

  7. @ Darryl: It's over and Stewart WON.

    @ Jim: Heh.

    @ work: "Heh" to you, too!


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