Monday, July 14, 2014


Occasional Commenter Virgil just now admonished us in comments to a post below, thusly:
WHAT!!!??? No Bastille Day celebration? And for a guy who has lived in France?

Shame on you, Buck! (or was your experience in France the reason you're skipping this day? :) ) 
Mea culpa.  This is doubly embarrassing coz I'd thought about this day several days ago, thinkin' "Well, we gotta put sumthin' up about Bastille Day."  And then we woke up this morning with... ahem... a clean slate.

So... better late than never.

There ya go, les enfants de la patrie, go ahead and raise l'├ętendard sanglant.


  1. Long live the King!

  2. In France, bleu, blanc, rouge. In England, red, white and blue. Trust the French to be backards!! ;-)

  3. I usually observe the day by replaying my favorite scene from Casablanca -- the "musical duel" between Major Strasser, leading the German officers in Die Wacht Am Rhein, and Victor Laszlo, leading the band and patrons of Rick's in La Marseillaise.

    J.R. Burns

  4. @ Anon: Heh.

    @ Brian: Up in Quebec bleu, blanc, rouge means only one thing: the Montreal Canadiens!

    @ JR: I think that's my favorite scene from Casablanca, too... except for the end. Mebbe.


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