Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hot. Humid.

It feels like Mrs. Hippy outside...

The weather-guessers say the humidity is 45% but it sure FEELS like it's more than that.  I checked the radar before putting this up and it looks like we'll have a bit o' rain in the next half-hour.  Bring it ON!


  1. It's kinda like that here, too... only maybe a lot warmer and a little drier.
    The humidity is about 10-15% higher than we like when the thermometer is threatening to hit 107.
    I was gonna do a brisket on the barbecue, but decided to wait until tomorrow night.
    Instead, we'll have nachos and use up the rest of the pico de gallo.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, rain IS good. Too bad we didn't get any... it threatened all afternoon but nothing was delivered.

  3. WHAT!!!??? No Bastille Day celebration? And for a guy who has lived in France?

    Shame on you, Buck! (or was your experience in France the reason you're skipping this day? :) )

    1. I didn't do one either. I read about the riots and Jew baiting in Paris and decided to leave them to their own celebrations. I wouldn't fit in around there anyway.

    2. @ Curt: Good reasons for not posting. I didn't consider that.


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