Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Late. Again.

We just finished answering last night's comments and started working on the overnight mail, shortly after we poured our first cup.  Yes, it's yet another late start.  Still and even, it was a great good day to sleep in.  I had NO ideer what our WX was like until I opened the blinds this morning.  Imagine my surprise:

From the study window
You can see it's been raining for a good while as the 17th Street Canal and Intra-City waterway is in its navigable state.  This is the best of all possible rains, as well, seein' as how it's a slow soaker without any of the Sturm und Drang we usually get here on The High Plains o' New Mexico.  It looks like it's gonna rain for a while longer:

That storm is drifting ever-so-slowly in a northeasterly direction.  I'm REALLY looking forward to Happy Hour today!

Back in a bit if there's anything worth sharing.


  1. Replies
    1. The rain? Or the sleeping in? If it's the rain you're on about... this is the wettest year I've seen in my 12 years on THPoNM. It's a serious but welcome anomaly. If it's the sleeping in... well, that's what we DO. Because we CAN.

    2. I just sleep until I wake and can't go back to sleep.
      Which mean sometime around Sunup.
      That gets me about seven hours or so a night.
      Short siestas take care of the rest of my needs.

    3. I loves me my siestas!

  2. Rain is good, especially those long soakers! Enjoy!

    1. I enjoyed the livin' HELL outta it, believe me.


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