Saturday, June 14, 2014

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

My all-time favorite Sousa march, which is appropriate for Flag Day:

There was a time in the wayback when I dug my heels in to this march... on numerous occasions.  But today?  Nope.  We just listened and watched Old Glory wave from our perch on the verandah.  Like this:

Long may she wave!


  1. Mr Sousa knew his way around that particular form of music.

    One might say (and I do) he had a genius for it.

    I still feel a bit of a tingle run down my spine and catch my breath when I see those colors against the sky.

    Long may she wave indeed!

  2. There isn't much by J.P. to which I don't mind listening.
    I have a whole CD of Boston Pops (of the Arthur Fiedler variety) doing Sousa.
    The only thing better is live military drum and stumble corps.

  3. Thanks, Guys. Yesterday was rather brilliant.

  4. "Long may she wave." Amen. Enjoyed the Sousa.

    1. Thank ya, Sir! It's great to see ya back!


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