Monday, June 02, 2014

I Hate It When This Happens...

Sometimes I think I throw away more food than I eat.  Case (cake?) in point:

Next stop: the dumpster.  The cake is half the height it was when I bought it last week and there just might be unwanted life forms living in it after sitting on my counter for a week.  I guess I just didn't have that much of a sweet tooth over the last couple o' few.

Oh, well.  Beer Me!


  1. The refrigerator would have been your friend on this. Such a shame!

  2. Yeah, I'm down to buying slices rather than whole cakes...

  3. Heh. I'm glad you can keep things in perspective.

  4. un gâteau laid02 June, 2014 21:11

    That sure is an ugly cake. Was there a girl scout involved in that acquisition? :-)

    Here's another favorite:

  5. @ Kris: The fridge is too full o' beer...

    @ Old NFO: I did just that (the slice thing) when I shopped yesterday.

    @ Chris: We usually are pretty well-grounded. Well, sometimes.

    @ gâteau: It was better looking a week ago. Your link is... ewwww.


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