Thursday, June 12, 2014

Memo For Record

We're in receipt of a few pics from last Friday's change o' command ceremony at the 1st AMXS*, Langley AFB, VA.  So, without further ado...

Playing the national anthem.  SN2... in his blueberry's... in the second row at far right.

Flowers for the ladies are a nice touch.  DIL Erma got red roses.

Major Wilson (left), 1AMXS outgoing commander, passing the guidon to Major Pennington (center).  Colonel Venzke, 1MXG commander, looks on.
You could eat off that hangar floor, couldn't you?  Impressive.

* "AMXS" is USAF-speak for aircraft maintenance squadron.


  1. Good stuff! The kind of thing that makes the ole man proud!

  2. Very nice Buck. (That AMXS stuff is new, well new since when I was in. I like the new terminology!)

  3. I'll put my two cents by saying that I think the current practice of wearing fatigues for practically everything stateside is unprofessional and presents a "frumpy" and unkempt appearance. During WW II "Class As" were worn for EVERYTHING except direct field operations, aircrews and submarine crews. Just look at the old photos. Hell, in the Navy the officers had to wear dress whites to the evening mess. As late as Vietnam the Marines would not allow aircrews to eat at the officers club in flt suits (which is why they came over to our side to eat at the "DOOM Club" at DaNang. :)

  4. Very nice. I'd prefer dining on raptors but the hanger deck was in good shape. I also like your diligent libertarians pic.

  5. Thanks, guys.

    @ Rummy: We're most proud, indeed.

    @ Chris: It's ALL new to me, now. ;-)

    @ Virgil: I agree with you. I would have been in my blues, had I gone... mainly coz that's the only uniform I have.

    @ Curt: You're the first person who's noticed my new Libertarian badge. Thanks!

  6. I wish him the very best and pray that, as Lex used to say, the explosive bolts on his command pin never fire. Yeah I know, that's a Navy thing, but you get the idea.

    1. Thanks, juvat. This is Buck's second command tour, so everything SHOULD be OK. But, ya never know.


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