Friday, June 13, 2014

A Day Late...

President Bush (41) sure had a great 90th birthday yesterday... some notable notes from Twitter:

Happy Belated Birthday, Mr. President.  Didn't anyone ever tell you there's no earthly reason to jump out of a perfectly good aircraft?


  1. Buck,
    Almost by definition, Helicopters are not perfectly good aircraft. There's only one time seeing a helicopter above you is a good thing, when your pink butt is being rescued. All other times is bad news.

    1. juvat/

      The most dangerous time I EVER spent airborne was NOT during any cmbt msn, but the time I hitched a ride back from Hue to DaNang on a Korean-era VNAF H-34. "You did WHATTTTT!!!!!????" the guys said when I told them how I came back early from a sight-seeing trip after Tet. LOL!

    2. @ juvat: Agreed. I've only had one helicopter ride in my life and it was "interesting."

      @ Virgil: LOL!

  2. Great honor for the one chosen to do the jump with him, but what pressure!

  3. Outstanding... STILL leading by example...


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