Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack... a Re-Re-Re-Run

Forgive me, Gentle Reader, but we just cannot help ourselves...

Monday, January 20, 2014

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

So... there we were, sittin' out on the verandah when my absolute FAVORITE Pure Prairie League tune came on.  And it's transported we were.  So today's Happy Hour Soundtrack is a re-run...

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

So there I was, sitting on the verandah, deep into today's WSJ, puffing occasionally on my second cigar of the day and enjoying my second beer when Pandora decides to bring this ol' chestnut around ...

...which stopped me dead in my tracks.  I shut the Kindle, sang along, and fell back into that same, oh-so-lovely daydream that happens EVERY time I hear this song.  

Amie what you wanna do?
I think I could stay with you
For a while, maybe longer
Longer if I do
I knew an Am(ie)y once upon a time... well over 30 years ago... in both a space and time that's long ago and far away.  "My" Amy was a friend of a friend who came to Westby, Montana to visit and stayed at my place for the duration of her visit, mainly because the mutual friend Amy came to see was a single female airperson who lived in the barracks and I had a pretty nice house with a comfy couch.  Amy slept on that couch the first night she was in Westby but never again after that.  Strange how that sorta thing happens...

Amy's visit in Westby lasted only a week or perhaps a little longer, but what a week that was!  The girl was prolly 20 years of age at that time and in her prime; I was three years on the wrong side of 30 but that was close enough for gub'mint work.  I wound up taking a few days of unplanned leave just to spend as much time with this woman as I possibly could before she vanished into my past.  That was a GOOD decision, Gentle Reader.

Young Amy and I corresponded for a time after she returned to Ohio but nothing more happened after that; our communication ceased after a while.  Well, nothing happened except for The Second Mrs. Pennington finding Amy's letters to me shortly after TSMP and I married... and she subsequently burned them (along with all the other letters I'd received from former lovers), without my permission.   Which is QUITE another story and one that still pisses me off when I think about it, even after all these years.

The image isn't the Amy I knew (I found it in a generic Google search for "dark eyed beauty"), but it's close.
Ah, Former Happy Days.  We can get SO carried away when thinkin' about our past.
So true, always and ever.  We don't own this song and that's kinda strange, in and of itself.  But we fixed that by goin' out to Amazon and buyin' our first-ever single MP3 tune.  So now we're in a position to put this tune on replay and listen to it over and over and over again... which we are doin', even as we speak.  As for that first MP3... we buy lotsa music on-line, but it's always albums, never singles.  Until today.

In other news... let's add this to the post below and I cannot, for the life o' me, fathom why we didn't include it in the initial go-round.
Streaming video and music.  Teevee shows, movies, and music... yes, yes, yes.  We do all o' the foregoing, with an emphasis on the music.  RP, meTunes radio, and Pandora.... the sound track o' our life these days.  And what would we do without The Tube o' You?
Yup, that's oh-so-true!  And now it's back out to the verandah to luxuriate in the brilliant sunshine and balmy 50 degree temps.  While 50 degrees may not seem warm to you, Gentle Reader, it's oh-so-nice sitting in the sun with only a whisper of a breeze.  Quite the change from yesterday!


  1. Hi Buck... I know you're an album guy. I've been trying the RDIO app lately... lets you pick artist, and then album... have made some very happy rediscoveries listening to older stuff out there. You might want to try that.

  2. We must really have the same taste in music. Amie is my second favorite PPL song. I gotta go with Two Lane Highway. I used to crank the eight track in my '65 Mustang and cruise the back roads of PA. Although if I had an Amy that looked like yours, that song would probably go to #1......

  3. Mon Aimee/Amiee/Amie/Amy12 March, 2014 17:37

    Just be glad you didn't mention her name during the peak of carnal knowledge with a licensed partner...

  4. Well... my bad. I completely forgot to answer comments until just now. That said...

    @Dano: thanks for that. I'll check 'em out.
    @taminator: I'm glad ya like these things I throw up here. That gives me more pleasure than you know.
    @Mon Aimee: I've never, ever done that sorta faux pas. I value my life and body too much.


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