Monday, March 03, 2014

A Blast From the Past

Here's a lil sumthin' I put up over six years ago:

Today’s Pics: “Why I Love Japan.” Beer. In vending machines. On the street, unattended, 7x24x365. You pays your yen, you makes your choice. Note the Budweiser in the Suntory machine. I’ll have a Kirin, thankyouverymuch. Or I’ll walk down the block and find a Sapporo machine. There’s another beer machine in the second pic, lurking behind that pole on the right.
December, 1991. The Second Mrs. Pennington and I spent Christmas with friends in Japan that year, on our way home from Beijing. This street is near the apartment of TSMP’s girlfriend Junko. That’s the girl TSMP raised Hell with during her senior year in high school, and continued raising Hell with in the years to follow… although Junko became a married lady (with children!) and wasn’t into the Hell-raising biz all that much after becoming a mom. It happens like that.
Well, now.  It's almost that point in the day where we'll "Enjoy Refreshing Time."  Heh.


  1. Gee, Buck, that top-coat with cashmere (?) scarf, gloves, shades and corporate haircut makes then clean-shaven you look almost respectable..

    1. Yeah, almost. We did have our 501s on... and tennie-runners. ;-)

    2. Oh... and yeah, that scarf was cashmere. I still have it, too.

  2. Kirin dark was my biru of choice.
    I never saw any vending machines, maybe because it was 1963?
    Nikka on the rocks was my 'other' adult beverage of choice... when ice was available.

    I loved the 'skinny' streets.
    My favorite was in Sasebo.

    1. Ah... Black Nikka, the drink that taught me to hate whiskey until MUCH later in life. ;-)

      As for skinny streets... I never made it to Sasebo but I've been down more than a few o' same in other cities/towns.


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