Monday, February 17, 2014

Quick Hit

You know the drill... coffee's poured, teevee's tuned in, and we're ready for the women's semi-final: USA vs. Sweden.  The teevee talking heads just HAVE to bring up that upset loss to Sweden in the 2006 Olympic semi-final.  I have just three words for those guys: "Hush yo mouf!"

I'll prolly be back later... in the meantime: USA!  USA!  USA!!

Update, 0750 hrs:  It wasn't even close: USA 6, Sweden 1, with the Americans out-shooting the Swedes by 70-8 (or mebbe 9).  So... the US wimmen can do no worse than a silver medal and will prolly face Canada for the gold, assuming the Canadians get by the Swiss... which isn't as much a lock as you might think.  The Swiss have an awesome goalie and play great defense.  That said, it's hard to see the Canadians losing.  We'll know in a few hours; that game begins at noon ET.


  1. Looks the Gold Medal shootout is set.

    1. Yep. I had hopes for the Swiss, but no. Still and even, the gold medal game will be SUPERB.

  2. almost makes me wish I liked hockey.


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