Friday, January 17, 2014

In Today's Mail...

... these:

That's a new Drew Estate pewter ashtray, as well, part o' an introductory offer for a new cigar from Drew Estate, the Kuba Grande.  There aren't any reviews of this stick to be found on these inter-tubes, mainly coz it's so new (and I looked).  That said, you'll note the stick sitting in my ashtray is about half gone and I'm pleased to report the Grande is worthy.  I like the big 6x60 size, the taste is smooth and spicy, and it has a remarkably good draw.  We may see an encore performance o' this cigar once the initial box o' ten has been consumed.  In the meantime it's good to have a fat humidor once again.

We took our first beer and what we've smoked of this cigar on the verandah this afternoon, which is where we'll be headed once we finish up with this post.  It's a lil chilly outdoors as we speak... 53 degrees with light winds out o' the southeast... but it's not all THAT bad.  We'll make do.

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