Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Hair o' the Dog, Anyone?

This from yesterday's WaPo...

Bombay gin (Democrat) and Kahlua (Republican) are the only brands on this chart that are regular features in my likker locker.  But it should follow that JW Green would be a solidly Republican drink, seein' as how both JW Red and JW Black are on the chart.  Further analysis (heh) shows that Republicans like their whiskey whatever the brand, at least more so than Democrats who, like true Commies, seem to prefer vodka.

Full disclosure:  I awoke this morning with a clear head, which could be interpreted as either good news or bad news, depending.  I also woke up alone, which could be either good or bad news yet again.


  1. Ha! Just yesterday The Oracle came home with a case of assorted wine...including some Kendall Jackson. Our drink of choice with dinner last night was Champagne...

    Happy New Year to you my friend!

  2. Hmmmm. . . may have to switch my gin from the Sapphire to Beefeater. . . ;)

    (Ha!! As if I was such a Republican as ALL THAT. . .)

    1. Your parenthetical fits me, too.


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