Tuesday, January 14, 2014

And Then There's This

I'm still making the morning rounds and I came across this:

Au contraire... that IS how it works, if'n you think "smokes" means cigars!


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    1. Yup... ESPECIALLY good Scotch!

  2. On a more serious note about that "study" I would note that what conclusions it draws are correct "in theory" notice the caveats. It talks of a "standard" "nutritionally healthy" diet" and eaten by people of "normal health." Well, a) how many even "normally healthy" people eat a medically "nutritional" diet? Isn't the big gripe that we ALL eat too many "empty calories?" And what about the sick and ill such as cancer, etc?--and especially those with auto-immune diseases like Lupus and Fibromyalgia? Or with bone disease like osteoporosis? Such people often need massive amounts of vitamins of many kinds. Given the nature of the American daily life-style the ONLY people who PERHAPS don't need a vitamin intake of some kind are those in perfect health who eat three balanced meals/day prepared by a nutritionist. And how many does THAT apply to? I call bullshit.

    So, basically I see this study as an attempt by Physicians to eliminate the competition. If people can keep themselves out of the Drs office via a vitamin regimen it lowers their income. Already in Europe the EU and physicians are making attempts to take vitamins off the shelves and require a physicians prescription for them. Talk about a money-maker!

    1. I hear ya. I still take a Centrum Over 50 For Men every day, coz I KNOW my diet isn't optimum. What I really need are some of Major Tom's protein pills.


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