Tuesday, December 10, 2013

In Which We Find Ourselves Full o' Christmas Spirit

No, this isn't a "Broadening" post, no matter what the photo above might indicate.  Nope, we've already gone on about Monks' Ale earlier this year and the brew has been a part o' our regular rotation for over seven months now.  And what does this have to do with Christmas spirit, anyway?  Well, since you asked (OK, you didn't ask but THAT'S never stopped me)...

Our local beer emporium hired a new girl... or at least a woman I've not ever seen before and I make weekly visits to said place o' bid'niz... a 20-sumthin', red haired, cheerful, and very-easy-to-look-at woman with a brilliant smile.  I visited the emporium today to pick up a sixer o' the aforementioned Monks' Ale and a sixer o' Sammy Adams Winter Lager, put 'em down on the counter and was checking out when we got into this:
She: Is this Monks' Ale good?  Wait.  Of course it is, coz YOU'RE buying it!  (BIG smile)
Me: Yup, it's very good, plus it's local... well, in-state, anyway.
She: Is it very hoppy?  I'm always afraid to try new beers coz I don't like really hoppy ones.
Me: Nope, not hoppy at all... it's well-balanced and pretty malty.
(pause for one moment while I take a bottle out of the carrier and put it on the counter)
Me (and this is where the Christmas spirit comes in):  Here.  Have one on me.  I think you'll like it.
She:  Really?  Seriously?
Me:  Yup.  Enjoy!
She:  I'll think o' you when I drink this later. (Yet another big smile)  Here's your change and I know I'll see ya again!
Ah.  That girl has ALL the right moves plus she's a beer geek in training.

Be still, my beating heart.


  1. So it's really good? Not too tart? I wonder what it tastes like....My address is, MetroParkCentralis, OH, 44120. :)

    1. You're not QUITE as cute, Curt.

  2. Replies
    1. Ah, cold hard reality strikes. ;-)


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