Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Broadening Our Horizons LXII: In Which We Get Religion, Sorta

Today's beer... "brewed with care and prayer."

That would be a Monks' Ale, which is brewed here in NM... by The Benedictine monks of the Monastery of Christ in the Desert, in Abiquiu.  The friars have this to say about that:
Monks’Ale is an excellent session ale that is distinctively spicy with moderate fruity esters (particularly stone fruits).
The yeast lends a note of clove and in combination with the malts, hints of plum and apricot. The malts provide a distinct honeyish quality up front and round full middle. The malts and yeast provide a clean, crisp, dry, finish to Monks’ Ale.
Me?  I like it quite a bit on first tasting.  I can see myself doin' two or mebbe three of these this afternoon.  It's taken me a while but I'm beginning to find some very high quality beers here in the Land of Entrapment Enchantment.  This is one of 'em.

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