Saturday, December 07, 2013


... but good!

That would be our second Kahlua and egg nog o' the afternoon, which I'm findin' goes pretty good with Tom Clancy's last-ever novel... which we are readin' as we speak.  I've been doin' the more traditional whiskey/egg nog combination ever since Thanksgiving but decided to give this a go, seein' as how we have the ingredients on hand.  Not bad.  Not bad at ALL.

There are recipes for the drink if you're somewhat anal about it.  Me?  I just salt to taste.


  1. D'ya hafta have a medic on hand when you drink that thing? Sounds delish, but. . . heart-attack-in-a-glass comes to mind. . .

    1. I noticed the drink has 450 calories when I went to get that "recipe" link, most o' which are fat, I'm sure. But like the man said: everything in moderation, eh?


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