Monday, December 09, 2013

A Quick Follow-Up and a Quicker War Story

Remember that frou-frou post I put up Saturday?  About egg nog?  Well, Martha Stewart has a take on that stuff, and it's pretty danged good.
Rule #2: You don't even have to follow the recipe if you're too drunk.
"3 cups of bourbon. Doesn't that sound good??? And I just made up this recipe! I just put all the good things in this that I thought everybody would love." 
Heh.  And the quickest o' quick war stories... My company (that lil boutique web services firm I worked for in SFO, not EDS) managed the "Martha Stewart Living" web site back in the day.  I made it known I wanted IN if there was even a scintilla of a chance to meet Martha and don't you even THINK of leaving me out, given I'm the director of site operations.  "Why?" asked The Powers That Be.  "Because she's one of my Lust Objects, right up there in the Top Five, to be exact," sez I, "and I wanna hit on her."  My 20-sumthin' and 30-sumthin' colleagues thought that was just fucking hilarious ("Martha?  Martha STEWART?  That old hag?") and never let me live that statement down or come close to forgetting it*.  

Heh.  Kids.  I feel SO vindicated.

* No, I never did meet Martha.


  1. Martha Stewart? I so understand. Seriously.

  2. Now that was just ............hilarious, I needed this!

  3. You cannot be serious. Can I have my leg back when you're done pulling it? :)

    1. Serious as the proverbial heart-attack. I WOULD. Still.

  4. Replies
    1. I'll take that as a Martha endorsement.

  5. C'mon Buck...get serious, she would kick yur butt. (and mine too! ;-)


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