Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack, In Two Flavors

We're listenin' to more Warren today and the very first tune I heard on Pandora (yes, Pandora) was this:

She's so many women
He can't find the one who was his friend
So he's hanging on to half a heart
But he can't have the restless part
So he tells her to hasten down the wind
Ah, yes.  She IS "so many women."  Always was, always will be.  But that said, the tune brings to mind the arguably more famous... or more popular, one doesn't necessarily follow the other... cover by La Ronstadt:

I have both versions but I much prefer Warren's, if only for the immaculate slide work by David Lindley.  We've featured Mr. Lindley before here at EIP, most notably this track.  It don't get much better than that, Gentle Reader.


  1. Golly, wasn't Ronstadt just lovely back then though?

    1. I was SO in love with Linda in the mid-70s. Paula knew that, too... and she used to ask me "Do you know what the difference between Ronstadt and me is?" And I'd answer "yeah, yeah, yeah" everytime, coz she'd always say "I'm HERE."

  2. I saw Linda at Chuck's Steakhouse in Los Alto (on the ECR near San Antonio Rd) back in about 1970 or 71.
    I was immediately in love.

    1. She does have that effect on men, doesn't she? Well, she used to... I dunno about now.

    2. Today, definitely not so much.


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