Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A Good Day

Most of this qualifies as a journal entry... but that's part of what this blog is, which is to say my journal.  Feel free to take or leave what you wish.

So, we're back from the day's errands which included a minor re-supply mission for essentials... read as: beer... preceded by our regularly scheduled dental cleaning and check up.  I approached the latter event with a sense of trepidation, largely because we've been having a series of semi-painful "events" of late in the area where we had our LANAP treatment last year.  Not to flog a dead horse or anything, but our dentist advised us that the LANAP treatment was a shot-in-the-dark, last gasp sort of exercise that may or may not work out and we were in a situation where that tooth wasn't long for this world.  Now losing one tooth normally isn't a Big Deal.  But this particular tooth is an anchor point for the bridge that constitutes my lower front four teeth.  Read as: lose that tooth, lose ALL my front teeth.  Not Good.  This would be an Expensive Not Good, too, not to mention painful.  So, we were worried going in...

Well... to cut to the chase... everything is hunky-dory.  No problems at all and we are experiencing renewed bone growth in the area where I had the LANAP treatment, which was the whole point to begin with.  The pain and discomfort I'm having is probably associated with bone growth so I've been instructed not to worry.  Whew.  To put it mildly.

So we're home now and just put away our first Sammy Adams Noble Pils, which is good but not exceptional.. no matter what the folks at Beer Advocate think.  As a matter of fact it comes perilously close to what beer snobs call "yellow fizzy beer," IMHO.  I like pilsners (Labatt Blue used to be our beer of choice, once upon a time) but I prefer ales and more specifically dark, dark ales.  I think I'm gonna do just the one of these Noble Pils and then move to a more substantial beer, like a 1554.  

Noble Pils is what we're drinking... this is what we're listening to today:

That would be David Lindley... one of the best El Eh session men, evah.  Mr. Lindley is famous for being Jackson Browne's guitarist (among other things) but I LOVE his solo work.  It's quirky (like me) and is some fine, fine playing... especially his slide work. Good stuff, that.  Makes me wanna buy me a Mercury and cruise it on down the road.  With the top down.

But now it's back outside instead, to continue as we've begun.


  1. Glad to here all is well with the choppers, Buck.

    I probably would have steered away from the Noble Pils myself, if only because the label looks a bit, well, "fruity".

  2. Good day is a good day. Glad to hear it, Buck.

  3. I concur with your assessment of Mr. Lindley.

  4. I like Alan Jackson's version of the song better. But that's just me.

  5. As an admittedly beer snob I can’t stand Sam Adams, stuff is too sweet for me. I also like my Ales, Lagers and Stouts like I like my women - Dark & Heavy.

    As Neil Young sang, “Welfare mother make better lovers”.

  6. BR sez: ...if only because the label looks a bit, well, "fruity".

    I thought it looked "hoppy" myself.

    re: Jackson's version of Mercury Blues. No better illustration of the difference between rockers and shit-kickers, eh? I say that with all due respect, of course. ;-)

    Speaking of shit-kickers... Lindley does excellent fiddle work, too. And zydeco flavored stuff as well, if'n ya like that sorta thing.

    Small-Tee: There's much truth in what you say... on all counts.

    Thanks for the kind thoughts, all.

  7. I'm glad your teeth are doing well. In my worst dreams, my teeth fall out - seems to be my biggest anxiety.

    Although Lindley is good, it was a bit wild first thing this morning. I think I'm with BR on this one.

  8. Lou: Set and setting has everything to do with music. I did a compare/contrast with both versions of the tune this morning and still prefer Lindley. But I'm an ol' rocker from way back and not subject to change. Much.

  9. Glad to read your tooth is ok and all went well. Cheers Buck!

  10. Did your compares, did you? Well as you know, I have narrow-band, so didn't listen/watch the vid. Narrow mind, too. Therefore history starts when I became aware, so Steve Miller's version is best.

    Same for his (Miller's) version of "You Send Me," for the background sound effects.


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