Monday, November 25, 2013

How Bad Was It This Weekend?

Pretty bad, according to the Portales News-Tribune:
The area’s first bout of winter weather caused at least 40 automobile accidents in Roosevelt County, at least one resulting in a fatality.

Officials blamed icy roads for the multiple accidents that left Roosevelt General Hospital’s emergency room packed and area law enforcement responding to vehicle accidents non-stop as of 8 p.m.

State Police Spokesman Sgt. Emmanuel Gutierrez said a 4-year-old female was killed on U.S. 70 in the only fatal accident state police responded to, but didn’t have any further information on the accident.


National Weather Service Meteorologist Andy Church said the area should expect light to moderate snow to fall this afternoon and continue through Sunday night, with the heaviest snow occurring tonight.

Church predicts about 6 inches of snow, but said road conditions should be safer than Friday’s.

“These will be snow-packed roads as oppose to a sheet of ice,” Church said.
That blurb is from Friday's PNT.  I thought we received two or three inches o' snow this weekend, but it looks like we got the six inches that was predicted.  It's all turning to slush as we speak, and I shall remain housebound until tomorrow afternoon at the very earliest.

Stupid flamingos.  I'd be somewhere in the Caribbean by now if I could fly.


  1. Hey Buck..............we've had very little snow, usually gone within an hour up here in your old stomping grounds of KFalls my friend, very strange indeed for around here!!


    1. Some of the coldest days of my life were in K-Falls, Dave. I don't miss it all that much. ;-)

  2. Don't make me call PETA! You best shag yur .....out there and rescue that defenseless flamingo!!

    1. Hey! It's COLD out there! And warm in here... so let the stupid bird fend for itself.


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