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The Sunday Re-run...

Four years ago on this date:

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


There are war stories and there are sea stories... and then there's this. Do your fine self a favor and go... and then grin. A LOT.

Impulse Buy

So... we were in Wally-World yesterday, doing a mini-resupply run (beer and such) when this caught our eye:

We DO like Dan Brown and $17.50 seemed like a small price to pay for several hours of page-turning entertainment. I picked up "The Da Vinci Code" a couple o' years back when the ex-girlfriend and I were off on a long weekend in Dallas and was enthralled. That book made it through me, the ex-GF, her family, and mine before I lost track of it. And everyone said the same thing, to wit: "Wow! What a page-turner THAT was!" Yup. And we can only hope there's more of the same lurking within the pages of his latest...

All that said, I should note I read Mr. Brown because of the way he writes... and NOT out of any belief there's hidden truth or any such other "deeper meaning" in his plot lines, which is to say I ain't buying into the various alternate Gospel theories and such.  He just tells a damned good story.  Period.  End of report.
Yup, two posts.  Go read Lex's story at the link, it's one of my favorites of his.  Lord, do we EVER miss the man.


  1. Oz has a special love affair ...or at least did back in the day ...with the Navy because of the outcome of the Battle of the Coral Sea.
    Yes indeed there are many, many sea stories heard by this lowly polliwog, who can only dream of what might have been.

    As for Mr. Brown, I've read a few of his works.
    I'm thinking he has a formula.
    That's based on the fact I only really enjoyed the first one.
    The rest were too similar.

    1. Ah, I can only dream of Oz, as well. I always wanted to go... never got the chance.

      I enjoyed all o' Brown's books, Skip. He might be somewhat formulaic but it's a GOOD formula.

  2. Ah - Lex. One word, spell it all caps or mixed case but just ... spell it.

    I enjoy Dan Brown as well though I was a little disappointed with The Lost Symbol. His latest offering - The Inferno - was pretty good.

    1. I haven't read Brown's latest. Must put that on my list.

  3. I've only read the "D Code" and one other, can't remember which one now. I like his ideas for novels (the way he takes all that research and fictionalizes it so you're being entertained as you read), and I enjoy the fast pace of his narratives. The only novel pages I turn any faster are those of James Patterson. One criticism: his female characters are pretty thin, almost like cardboard cutouts that he just moves around.

    1. I agree with ya about Brown's women.


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