Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Season Begins Tonight, Right?

Technically, yes.  There are three games on the menu tonight and I'll prolly watch one of those, at the very least, that bein' the Hated 'Hawks game, in which they'll raise their Stanley Cup banner.  But that's only because I'm a hockey fan, first and foremost.

Well, the foregoing was a LIE coz I'm a Red Wings fan, first and foremost, and everyone else takes a back seat.  But we WILL watch the 'Hawks raise their banner, mostly coz we have borderline masochistic tendencies.  So there's that.

The season REALLY begins tomorrow night when Buffalo visits The Joe.  We're really looking forward to this season, about which Sean Macindoe has this to say:

Detroit Red Wings


Last season: 24-16-8, 56 points, seventh in the West, lost in the second round

Offseason report: Detroit handed a steel chair to Daniel Alfredsson, then celebrated when he waffled the Ottawa Senators organization over the head with it.

Outlook: Everyone assumes the Red Wings will be good, because the Red Wings are always good. And there's lots of reason for optimism heading into 2013-14. Don't forget, this is the team that had the invincible Blackhawks on the ropes in last year's playoffs before somehow letting the series slip away. Goalie Jimmy Howard has developed into a star who could push for a starting role on the U.S. Olympic team. And the move to the East should help, both in terms of travel and quality of competition.

But there are warning signs. The core is an old one, with players like Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterberg, and Johan Franzen all in their 30s. Adding Alfredsson doesn't make them any younger, obviously, so the potential for major drop-offs and/or injuries is significant.

Suggested slogan: "The Detroit Red Wings, presented by Amway." (No, really, that was their actual slogan. I couldn't make up anything funnier than that.)

Best case: They face the Senators in the first round and win on their way to another deep playoff run.

Worst case: They face the Senators in the first round and lose. Seriously, that matchup is happening. Don't even try to deny us, hockey gods.
Mr. Macindoe puts the Wings in his "Legitimate Contender" (for The Cup) category.  I agree with him but you KNOW I would.

So... OK.  Drop the puck and LET'S GO RED WINGS!

Update, later that same evening:  The banner raising ceremony was simple, classy and done with great taste.

When I say classy I mean tonight's ceremony was quite unlike some other ceremonies we witnessed in the past.  The Hated 'Hawks acted like they've been here before, unlike some other tacky teams we can think of.

The game that followed was pretty good, too. 


  1. OK, I thought you were talking hockey right up until you said it was simple, classy and done with great taste and then I figured you were talking beers or cigars. I'm easily confused these days.

  2. We gave up Dish and went for an antenna. No more ESPN and such. But while I was in WF watching TV at my MIL's, I saw an advertisement for Redwing's hockey - and I thought of you.

    1. I was gonna give up Dish and go back to cable... mainly coz the people at Dish are IDIOTS. That and I don't get any Big Network teevee (ABC, PBS, etc.) in HD on Dish and I did with cable. Alas, I waited too long, coz SN1 & DIL Erma gifted me with the NHL Center Ice package on Dish, and I don't want to have to deal with getting a refund if I cancel. But after hockey season is over...

  3. It's too soon for me to get excited about hockey ...seeing as how somebody'll still be playing eight months from now.
    ...and roundball isn't any better.

    Of course I'm of the opinion the World Series should already have started and the NFL should've only completed two regular season games, too.

    1. I agree with you on all your points, not the least of which is this: the hockey season is ENTIRELY too long. I think the league should cut the season down to 60 regular season games plus the playoffs. The money-grubbing GMs won't ever go for that, however.

  4. Luck to your Wings tonight. The Preds open Thursday night in St. Louis.

    The Wings' real slogan is "Presented by Amway"??? That is funny. As for the Preds suggested slogan, I think a good one might be The Nashville Predators, presented by Taylor (you don't want her for a girlfriend) Swift.
    Go Preds!

    1. Heh. I like your suggestion for the Preds. We'll miss you guys in the playoffs this year. ;-)

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  6. Should be an interesting season in Hockeytown. I don't see 'em missing the playoffs just yet. . . Pav an' Z have still got plenty left in the tank. . .

    1. Agreed. Plus the competition isn't as strong in the East.


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