Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday: Veddy British, Indeed

I drank Tetley's while I was in Ol' Bighty.  Still do, actually... but I'm kinda like the most interesting guy in the world in that space ("I don't always...").  And now to pour my first cup, of COFFEE.  (<=== no joke, that.  We're sleeping later and later these days.)


  1. What do those from Lancashire have?
    Or do they have their own brand?

    Does your back ache?
    Have tea!

    Say what?

    Well ya did leave the chain out ;-)

    1. Heh. The very thought of tea growing in Yorkshire makes me grin, if not chuckle outright.

      My back DOES ache. Still. I'm willing to try nearly anything at this point, with the possible exception of actually... you know... going to a doctor (who couldn't do anything, anyway).

  2. That has to be the frumpiest dress and sweater I've ever seen. When she stopped singing I felt a wave of relief come over me.

    1. You DO have a point about the girl. If the song began with a real-life break-up that guy at the beginning should count his blessings.

  3. Correct me if I'm wrong about this observation since I only spent a couple of weeks in England, but doesn't TEA over there always come with scones, cakes, cookies, biscuits, and lots of other goodies as well. I remember wondering if what they were really on about was not tea but having a big carb/sugar hit. Or am I just thinking about "high" tea?

    Signed, Confused Colonist

    P.S. Enjoyed vid, but I think Christiane is right about the dress/sweater thing.

    1. Dear Confused,

      I think you're on about High Tea, but it is good form to always include a biscuit (cookie) with your cuppa.

      Really Don't Recall, Either


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