Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Public Service Announcement (AND a Re-Run!)

You long-time Gentle Readers know that I go on (and on!) about El Pinto salsa and chile sauce, which is New Mexico's best... and that, by definition, makes it the WORLD'S best salsa.  I was amazed and gratified to learn that everyone in these United States can enjoy New Mexico's finest chile because you can now buy it on Amazon.  Witness:

You may wonder why I bought El Pinto on Amazon and you'd be right to wonder.  The main reason is because a uniformed official from United Parcel Service will deliver the chile right to my door, saving me the trouble and expense of driving all the way to The Big(ger) CityTM to purchase same (no store in P-Ville carries the green chile sauce).  So there's that.

Oh, yeah.  I said I had a re-run for ya...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Does My Diet Make Me Look Fat?

I got to thinkin' that Michelle O would NOT be pleased at the way I eat.  Sometimes.  We all do this sorta thang occasionally and I know nary a soul who hasn't eaten a whole bag o' Oreos (or the equivalent amount o' junk food o' choice) and called it dinner at one point or another.  But consider my entire caloric intake from yesterday, in rough chronological order:
  • Eight cups o' strong espresso-grind coffee, lightened with moderate amounts o' half-and-half and sweetened with raw cane sugar. Oh, and one level teaspoon o' Ovaltine, per cup.
  • A complete bag o' home made tortilla chips from Juanito's restaurant, accompanied by a quarter jar o' El Pinto Green Chile Sauce (consumed in concert with the following)
  • Three beers (Sammy Adams Octoberfest x2, Newcastle Nut Brown Ale)
  • Four Nabsico Pinwheel cookies
  • Two large glasses o' whole milk (we do NOT do 2% or any other sort o' perverted and unnatural food acts here at El Casa Móvil De Pennington... in the truest sense, meaning we also reject anything/everything labeled "organic" or "light")
  • Four fingers o' Cragganmore (well, mebbe just slightly more)
  • One tin o' Crown Prince Kipper Snacks
  • A half pint o' Häagen-Dazs butter pecan ice cream
  • One Centrum Silver vitamin pill 
I don't worry about the calories... I get plenty o' those in one form or another... but there are times when I just don't want to cook, even to the point of nuking sumthin' out o' the freezer. So, we just graze when terminal laziness hits.  Am I wrong in this?  Or is Michelle O just an overbearing, dominating, more-than-slightly-addled, busybody?  Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.
Yup.  El Pinto... it's what's for dinner, sometimes.  And now YOU can do it, too.


  1. Amazon, huh?
    Gotta try it.
    Some of that repost looked familiar to these eyes.
    Though my familiarity isn't nearly so recent and was probably slightly saltier.

    1. It's great good stuff, Skip. One jar and I guarantee you won't go back to Pace or Old El Paso or whatever it is you're eating today. Unless you're eating locally-made salsa... which I've found is always pretty good.

    2. "Terminal laziness."

      LOL. You are SO right. When my wife is away, "grazing" is about ALL I do!

    3. @ Virgil: I TRY to eat well, most of the time. But ya know how that goes... ;-)

    4. Herdez or La Victoria are the current brands we use,..
      ...or the stuff from Burrito Bandito they make themselves... choice of mild, medium, or hot (the homemade chips come with it ...or maybe the other way around?)


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