Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday: Evening Parade

Sumthin a lil different this week, as this Saturday's video isn't from the Usual Source.  I give you the USMC Silent Drill team instead, throwing around ten and a half pound M-1 Garands like they didn't weigh a thing.  With gleaming bayonets, too.

Why Marines today?  Because we went to last night's Evening Parade at the Marine Barracks, Washington, DC.  That first link is a Tube O' You page chock full of videos of the Evening Parade, the second link is to The Wiki with a history of the Marine Barracks.

The Evening Parade takes about two hours and it's a formal military event, albeit tarted up quite a bit for the general public with much more music than a traditional military parade and the performance of the Silent Drill team.  But all the military elements are there... presentation of the colors, organizational reports, orders of the day, and the "pass in review." And it was ALL very entertaining... and impressive... so much so that I've declared a 30-day moratorium on snarky comments about Jarheads Marines.  That does NOT extend to Squids, though.


  1. O/T - if the current Commander of the Marine Barracks were to transpose a couple of letters in his name, he would be illegal in the eyes of the federal gov't.

    1. I assume you're talking about the Commandant? He'd have to add an "M" to his name.


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