Friday, August 09, 2013

RIP, Karen Black

I'm not a big movie fan but Karen Black did it for me in the wayback...

That's the trailer for "Five Easy Pieces," which might could be my favorite movie of all time.  Ms. Black was excellent in this little movie, in which Nicholson gave his best performance ever.  There's a LOT to like here... not the least of which is Ms. Black's performance.  Seek it out if you've never seen the movie. (Hint: The movie is available on Amazon Prime.  I watched it last night... just because.)

I searched and searched for the R-rated scene where Nicholson and another woman in the movie (Sally Struthers!) engage in one of the hottest (albeit very brief) sex scenes ever committed to film (which is NOT explicit: it ain't porn), the end o' which shows Nicholson standing, chest heaving, clad in a "Triumph" tee shirt.  The symbolism of that scene is above and beyond... and was a piece o' cinematic  excellence.  It's just too bad the clip isn't available on the Tube o' You.

Karen Black died yesterday at age 74.  Thank you, Ms. Black, for the joy you gave me.  Rest in peace.


  1. My favorite scene is the one in the restaurant where he orders toast.


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