Friday, August 09, 2013

Congratulations Are In Order...

... for USAF's 12 Outstanding Airmen of 2013.  From a piece at the Usual USAF Source:

Congratulations, Airmen.  Ya done good.

Update, 1200 hrs:  Thumbnail sketches of each airman's accomplishments are here (in PDF format).


  1. There's no REEVES in there????? Somebody must have screwed up!!!!!!

    Yes, Buck, I am indeed alive. Just been too snowed under to look at the 'net for anything other than business dealings, and free porn.

    Eldest son hit The Estate last night on his way from Goodfellow back to Offutt. Will be here a week. Damn, he LOVES being a Zoomie!

    Maybe next year, the USAF will get it right...

    In all sincerity, congrats to the fine men and women that were awarded. They are just fantastic!

    1. Well, if it's any consolation... Big Air Force never got it right where **I** was concerned, either. Unless it was in the "12 Airmen Most Likely to Win an All-Expenses Paid 20-Year Vacation to Leavenworth" category. About which... I most certainly qualified.

      That said, I was wonderin' about yer health and welfare and was gettin' ready to e-mail ya with a "Are you OK?" message. Now I don't have t'do that. Thanks.

    2. Bwahahahahahaha!

      Buck, I've had the same inclinations about The G-mailing you, just to let you know that my health, and welfare checks are coming in on time, and I'm cashing them regular.

      Things are good, my friend (long stories not worthy of this h'yar blarg comment). They are not GREAT, but they are good. And, sometimes "good" is WAY more than one deserves to hope for.

      I finally pulled up my fancy new "Feedly Reader" after what seems like an eternity in blog years, and found TWELVE THOUSAND, SIX HUNDRED, AND FIFTY THREE (12,653) posts that I had not looked at.

      There was some good junk in there, too. But, I passed by most of it to get to EIP! Nyuk...

      I will try to be less worrisome in the future.


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