Saturday, July 13, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack, In Which We Re-Visit An Old Friend

It's no secret that we loves us some Pandora, and it's an open secret Pandora provides us with the better part of our daily soundtrack, when the WX is such that we cannot listen to our own music.  But Pandora has grown stale these last few days, if not weeks, given the rather predictable nature o' the songs we hear... even given the various and numerous different stations we've defined on the service.  I have no ideer how Pandora chooses its music but I have a sneakin' suspicion the playlist is chosen... in part... by the number of "likes" the listener gives the various tunes.  So, Pandora has become eminently predictable for better or worse, and in my case it's MOST definitely worse: I've become bored with Pandora.

So it was today that we re-visited Radio Paradise (RP) and  downloaded their spiffy app onto the mePhone.  I was gratified to learn RP is alive and well and we've spent most of the day... including today's Happy Hour... listenin' to RP.  The thing I love about RP?  It's oh-so-eclectic.  Example (see here for the current playlist):

RP does radio like radio ought be done, which is to say like late-'70s free form radio.  There are other options on these inter-tubes if you like that sorta eclecticism, and college radio comes to mind.  But RP does it for me....

So, today's tune...

That's from "So," an album The Second Mrs. Pennington took with her when we split the blanket.  I've never replaced that album for some unknown reason... well, THAT'S not true, the truth bein' that the album and the songs therein cause an immeasurable amount o' pain.  But, Hey!  It's good to hear some of these songs every now and again.

It's good to hear RP again, too.  I'm thinkin' we won't be back to Pandora for quite a while.


  1. Glad I'm not the only one - Pandora has been getting stale for me too. May have to look into this Radio Paradise...thank you for the tip.

    And the song you feature - it is a long-time fave and I can see why it would be painful from, as you say, your former happy days. Still - it is a beautiful song.

    1. RP is quite good, Kris. I'm pretty sure you'd enjoy it.

  2. I might try RP (not to be confused with RIP), but I'm such a creature of habit - more and more like my dad each day.

  3. Buck, you need to try "" too--a great station--they have every genre..


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