Monday, June 24, 2013

Broadening Our Horizons, LXVIII

A danged-near PERFECT summertime brew...

That's an Easy Street wheat beer from the O'Dell brewery and it's tasty, indeed.  It goes down VERY smoothly, too, so it might could be a lil bit dangerous.  I can see me knocking back about three of these today, easily, especially given it's rather warmish outdoors at the moment (about 92 fat ol' New Mexican degrees.  But they're DRY degrees.). 

Here's what our Go-To Guys have to say:
Taste: Medium body with a mildly creamy complex malt palate, sweet malt stays throughout with some doughy bread flavours. Hops are a touch spicy with a light yet balancing bitterness, flowery and herbal flavour fades quick. Nutty and powdery yeast character with an earthy undertone. A relatively sweet brew and all around pleasant to the tongue.
Notes: Clean cut American wheat brew, well focused on the malts with a well balancing hops and yeast. Optimum lunch time beer material here! Right up there with Widmer’s and Harpoon’s UFO.
I've never had a UFO but I have had Widmer's wheat and I agree with Mr. Alström, who gave a nearly unprecedented 100 points to this beer, Easy Street is most definitely a world-class beer.

And now it's out to the verandah to enjoy that Partagas Spanish Rosado you see in the ashtray above and my second Easy Street.

Life's pretty danged good right now.


  1. Brought me out of hiding with the Odell brew! Another Ft. Collins favorite. It's a lot harder to find than the other one in town (maybe you've heard of them), but they have some great beers. And yeah, that's a nice wheat right there. Try a 90 Schilling if you ever come across it.

    1. (maybe you've heard of them)

      Heh. Maybe.

      There were other O'Dells in the cooler, so the next time around I'll pick up another variation. The wheat is some seriously good stuff.

  2. Sound good to me. I'm needing a new brew.


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