Monday, May 13, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack...

... is a case where the cover exceeds the original by an order o' magnitude:

OMG but I loves me some Diana Krall, almost as much as I hates me some Billy Joel; it's hard to say which one exceeds the other. That said... ain't the woman SULTRY?  Oh, yes, indeedy.  I do SO envy Elvis.

(Apropos o' everything, this is the album we're listenin' to this afternoon.  What a marvelous showcase o' talent this is.)


  1. I think Diana Krall does a very good job, but I am just wondering what you have against Billy Joel?

    He is a very good songsmith, and while I can't say I like every one of his songs, that is true of just about every artist.

    In the above example, I found some of her timing on the piano playing off, even though it is very good. And it is Billy's song writing, his lyrics and uses most of his arrangement of the song.

    Joel has some really good songs, Summer Highland Falls, And So It Goes, New York State of Mind, Angry Young Man (and Prelude), James, Honesty, Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel) are just a few of those that I think stand out. His chords are pretty amazing, and if you hear him live, his piano playing is insanely good.

    Diana has a good voice for that blues type feel, Billy Joel not so much, but I don't think that negatively impacts the songs.

    I know music is always a matter of personal choice and preferences, but I was surprised about your hating Joel, as I've always found his lyrics are filled with meaning and feeling, moreso than a lot of songs out there.

    Just an inquiring mind liking to know... tha's all.

    1. I'll give you Joel's songwriting ability, he's pretty good. It's just that I found a lot of his work to be tacky from my POV. And if I hear "Piano Man" ONE more time I'll break things. But you're right... taste is all in our mouths.

      This song is from a live recording which makes Krall's work all the more impressive, to me. I've never been a big fan of live albums but I love this one.

    2. I think his work from the early days were a reflection on the time, as well as his immaturity. It also doesn't help that songs get over played and come to define a group or artist.

      Krall has a lot of talent, and I agree with you on not being a big fan of live albums, as they tend to have far too much extraneous noise and it's all one shot deals - even if they use multiple nights of recordings, so mistakes are going to be in there.

      ... and if you want to break things... I do have a recording of Piano Man that my friend and I did... if you want the link. ;)

    3. I love yer music, OG... but can I get a pass on Piano Man? ;-)

    4. heh... fully understand Buck... here's another one for you, Morning Mood, or Morgenstemning as it is called in Norwegian. It's by Edvard Grieg from Peer Gynt. Great piece of music for imagining the sun coming up and greeting the new day.

      Just finished recording this a couple of hours ago. Enjoy!

  2. I do enjoy Krall however we saw her live and she was - boring. Seriously. The woman has no stage presence, could barely talk to the audience and when she did - she mumbled into the microphone and could hardly look out at everyone. I know, maybe she's shy. And if that's the case, then she should stick to recorded music. Because she was a disappointment live, from a charisma POV. She is a magnificent singer and pianist and that made up for it a bit. But her opening act was superior in every way - Chris Botti.

    1. I had a similar concert experience with Rikki Lee Jones, except she was rude and snarly with her audience. I'd never go see her live again but I still like her recordings. Some people just aren't concert performers, I guess.


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