Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I watched the BEST Game Seven... evah... last evening and witnessed history bein' made.  Never before had a team come back from a three-goal deficit in the third period of a Game Seven to win, but the B's did just that and they did it in a heart-stopping manner.   The B's pulled their goalie for six skaters and then scored not one but TWO goals in the last minute and thirty seconds of the third to tie and then went on to win the whole shootin' match in OT.

Not everyone is pleased with the outcome, however...

The Top Ten Bitter Tweets from Leafs fans are here.  I can't think of a more deserving bunch o' people, actually.  The Leafs... and their fans... are another one of those teams we just LOVE to hate.  I'm looking forward to renewing the old rivalry next year.


  1. I was like you, Buck--AND the Toronto fans--total disbelief. I thought well, maybe one, but two??

    Funny, I read a post just the other day from a female blogger who lives in Toronto who made the statement that "Torontons think they live in the center of the universe anyway--it's a very small incestuous claustrophobic town.--everyone goes to same bars, restaurants, etc., it's tiring." lol

    1. I thought well, maybe one, but two??

      I was thinkin' "empty netter," coz that's what USUALLY happens. But, no. Incredible, in every sense of the word.

      As for yer female Toronto blogger... I couldn't disagree more. Toronto is a very cosmopolitan city with great restaurants and bars, not to mention other cultural attractions. I used to go up to Toronto a lot when I lived in Ra-cha-cha... mainly to catch games at Maple Leaf Gardens before the Leafs moved to the Air Canada Centre. I loved that place. I think yer blogger friend might be a lil bit jaded.

    2. Your right about the city as far as I'M concerned, and right about the jaded bit too. LOL. She's a self-styled 30 yr-old single frenetic girl-about-town hipster constantly into the"next great new thing" if you get the mental picture..
      Speed kills...lol

  2. Heh. There were a few plasma screens tossed out windows in Boston about forty-five minutes too early.

    Agreed on Toronto (the city). MY WIFE and I spent a great vacation there a few years back. Very friendly as big cities go, great little public transit system. We enjoyed our stay immensely.

    1. I also read that quite a few people left the Garden early. Too bad for them!


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