Friday, May 03, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

It's been a long time since I've heard this...

Ace might could well be described as a one-hit wonder kinda band, but what a hit this was!  The time frame when "How Long" was released... we're talkin' 1975 here... was quite possibly the best year o' my life.  I was young, in love, and livin' in Tokyo while travelin' all around the Pacific Rim.  What's NOT to like about that?

That would be YrHmblScrb in Kyoto, c. 1975.  There's a back story to that photo, in two parts (here and here), but you long-time Gentle Readers have already been there and done that.


  1. Funny, I seemingly hear "How Long" fairly often, but obviously not daily or even weekly..

    My HAWKS! An uneven performance. Looked strong in the 1st, slacked-off in the 2nd, then came back again in the 3rd. Good, but still not yet a complete performance start to finish. Watched Montreal beat Ottawa-was pulling for the Canadiens mostly out of respect for memories of their tradition, I guess. How about Islanders beating Pitt? Didn't expect that..

    Today rootin' for Blues, Rangers and Wings...Boston-Toronto? Meh..

    (PS: May have told you before but besides Hawks my other first love in 50s/early 60s was the Rangers in days of goalie Gump Worsley, enforcer "Leapin' Lou" Fontanato and high scorer Andy Bathgate)

    1. I watched yer Hawks last night and thought they looked pretty good, albeit with a few lapses. I don't think the Wild have much of a chance in that one. I'm rooting for the same teams today, AND Bawston. As noted elsewhere: I hate me some Leafs. The only good thing I can see about the Wings goin' east (aside from easier travel, which is a given) is the renewed rivalry with Toronto.

      Isn't it funny how hockey can be pretty enjoyable when you don't have any serious emotional investment in the teams playin'? I was a basket case the other night when it looked like the Wings were gonna blow that game. I'll prolly be the same way tonight. But that's Life On The Edge, innit? ;-)

  2. ***"Was the Rangers? or WERE the Rangers?

  3. Serving aboard USS Independence CV-62. Came home from the Med around 21 January. Headed of to AMH Class "A" School at NATTC Memphis in May. Returned to the ship in September and left for a NorLant/Med Cruise in October.
    That was 1975 for me.

    1. I'm thinkin' my year was better than yours, Glenn.


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