Saturday, May 11, 2013

Them Wings...

... are gonna give me a heart attack before this is all over.  We excused ourselves from yesterday's Command Performance and hied our Old Ass home to catch the final two periods o' the Wings game.  So there we were... three minutes to go in the third period with the Beloved Wings up, 3-1.  We're thinkin' this one's in the bag... but NO!  Filppula puts a perfect pass behind the net to a Frickin' Duck (say WHAT?) and it's 3-2.  Then Perry isn't called on blatant trip behind the Detroit net and the game's tied.  Oh Shit, Oh Dear.  Z gets the winner on his stick with less than a minute left in regulation and he... hits the freakin' goal post.  So we go to OT, for the fourth time in this series.  But all's well that ends well... Z gets the OT winner, less than two minutes into overtime.  Oh... be still, my beating heart!  


So. Game Seven and we can still fly the flag, if only for one more day.  Talk about winning the hard way...  IF we win this Game Seven we'll face the Hated 'Hawks in the next round, which ain't all that bad.  Yeah, Chicago swept the regular season's games, 4-0, but three of those four games went to OT.  We can beat those guys... not easily... but it can be done.  The worst will be to come, however... assuming we beat Chicago.  It'll be back to the Left Coast to face the winner of the Sharks-Kings series.  Even MORE bad travel... but Hey!  We can do this.  Yes we can.

It all hinges on a win in Anaheim tomorrow night, which ain't beyond the pale.

LGRW!  Bring on the heart attack!


  1. I was thinking of you as I cheered on the Wigs, Buck, 'course ifin they win in Anaheim I won't be cheering 'em on anymore after that, lol But my poor Blues!!! What a killer of a loss! As soon as I saw the Kings get the go-ahead goal with just 2sec left in the 2nd period I had terrible forebodings as close as the game was. The Kings are as good as the Blues--but not any better--as the closeness of each game attests, I'm just bitter my side didn't get the breaks. There were LOTS of resounding "pings" of Blues shots-on-goal hitting goal posts, but alas all deflected out, nary a one in. My Blues just couldn't catch a break in a close series between two equals. One consolation I guess, if Chicago goes all the way to the finals I won't have to be like the parent deciding which child they love the best like I would've in a Blues-Hawks final. Now I can only hope for a Hawks -Wings final in order to root against the Wings--if only to give you heart-burn.. :).

    1. Now I can only hope for a Hawks -Wings final...

      Ain't gonna happen. It's gonna be a Wings - Sharks final, assuming we win tonight. You can still root for the Wings, after we beat those Steenkin 'Hawks. :-)

      In re: the Blues. I thought they were the better team except for one thing: they didn't have Quick. The Kings will be hard to beat if he stays on form.

  2. PS: I thought the Blues looked/played FAR better and more consistent in their loss than the Hawks did in their win. My Hawks are still too inconsistent with FAR too many casual passes, loose stick-handling of the puck and intermittent patches of loss of team energy/intensity for my tastes...


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