Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday: Fascinating

There are way too many geeky references and inside jokes in this Audi ad that I don't get.  But I DO get the car.

Here's the runner-up:

I haven't heard of some of those things as bein' bad luck, but that dude is in for a world o' hurt after smashing all those mirrors.

Today's alternate runner-up was the new video from Bowie, who continues to shock and amaze.  I thought the vid was a lil bit too racy for EIP, but you can see it here.

All from The Usual Source o' such things.


  1. I did get all the Star Trek geekiness and inside jokes. That commercial was hysterical. (Car's pretty nice too!)

    1. Well, Trekkies should get that stuff, right? I'm not one of those...

  2. Love the Trekkie commercial and as someone who has been a Trekkie as long as she can remember - it was terrific. Live long and prosper, indeed.

  3. I liked the Trekkie commercial, too.

  4. @ Kris and Lou: I must be missing sumthin' here. ;-)


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