Friday, May 10, 2013

It's One o' THOSE Days...

... which is to say the sorta day where I got nuthin' yet my Occasional Correspondents come through to rescue me.  Again.  Frequent Correspondent, Occasional Reader, Superb Cook, Great Drinkin' Buddy, Retired Blogger, and Perpetual Biker Lin sends this along...

About which I replied...
Wow.  Those guys have MUCH bigger ones than I do, speaking specifically about riding in snow, all that "passing on the right" stuff, and some of those mountain "roads."  Ah, to be young again.
That's just scratching the surface.  You'll note the map at the beginning of the video that shows the route these guys took.  That, in and of itself, is amazing.  I've ridden in some rather obscure and exotic places in this world but these guys' "been there, done that" tee-shirt is almost beyond amazing.  Big ones.  Big BRASS Ones.

On another topic... make sure you drop by the Old AF Sarge's place today to see some incredible plane pr0n.  Good stuff, Maynard.


  1. Absolutely amazing! That video had me enthralled. Beautiful, beautiful work. And those bikers? Yup, brass ones. So they must have beefed up the suspension on those bikes to haul those BRASS ones around. Neh?

    Thanks for the linkage, mondo hits today. You da man Buck. You da man!

  2. Thank ya, Sir. My friend Lin said that was the fastest nine minutes she ever spent on YouTube. I agree.

  3. Cah-razy. Not just brass balls there we are talking some serious mental issues. That takes being an adrenaline junkie to a whole nuther level.

    1. That takes being an adrenaline junkie to a whole nuther level.

      Or Teh Stoopid. Riding mo'sickles is an inherently dangerous activity... and one wonders what sorta medical care would be available in some of those locations. But then again, the young are invulnerable, right?


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